The Legend of Nilachala, Kamakhya-Part II

Kshetra Puranas and Other stories

Kamakhya, as we saw before, stands atop a mountain referred to as Nilachala or the Blue Mountain. The mountain is thought to be the very body of Shiva, and when Sati’s vagina fell on it, it turned a violent blue, giving the mountain its present name. Kamakhya, is thought to be the place where Sakthi secretly resorts to satisfy her amour with Shiva and hence all the love and erotic legends connected with it. 

What is unique about Kamakhya, is the absence of any particular idol of the goddess. The main item of worship which is given all respects is a yoni, (a hole shaped like the clittoris or the opening of a vagina), from which flows a perennial spring keeping it moist always. It is often covered with red cloth and flowers and the devotees are allowed to touch it and worship it. Some even drink the water that…

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