Daksha’s Spoilt Yagna, Kamakhya-Part I

Kshetra Puranas and Other stories

About three miles from Gauhati, Assam, on the holy hill of Neelachala lies the famed temple of Kameswari sametha Kameswara, Kamakhya. The temple is considered to be one of the potent sites by all the sakthas and tantric followers, where the goddess is worshipped in both her creative and erotic roles. The temple sees a steady surge of pilgrims all through the year and a huge gathering in the months of August-September for the famed Ambubachi carnival, to prostrate and pray before a round hole on earth from which flows a perennial spring. The origins of this temple are quite obscure and there are a number of versions. But they all start at the very same point- Daksha’s Grand Yagna.

Daksha, one of the sons of Brahma and one of the chief Prajapatis was conducting a grand scale yagna. The purpose of the yagna, was not to attain great powers…

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