Ambubachi Mela and Kukurakata Chaki, Kamakhya-Part III

Kshetra Puranas and Other stories

Kamakhya, as seen before, has a mixture of architectual styles and elements.  Some of these have stories of their own to narrate to the vast crowds that gather. The temple at Kamakhya has, for instance, attached to it, a water tank and a flight of steps from the foot hills. The story behind these two are just as interesting as the story of the temple itself and forms an integral part of the divine acts of Devi Kamakhya.

Devi Kamakhya

Naraka, was the King of Pragjyothishapura. He was born to Vishnu and Bhooma Devi and was left on Janaka’s field, entrusting his upkeep to the King of Mithila. Janaka brought up Naraka along with the other royal princes. Naraka excelled all the other royal princes in every form of art and warcraft. This frightened the King of Mithila. He was now worried about the possible seizing of his kingdom, by Naraka, from…

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